The Musical Stylings of C-Mack

CMack Album Releases

C-Mack released his first single in 1998 entitled Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, and Lifeline feat Mona Lisa and fellow group member Soul Brother V-luv . C Mack took his talent to Japan (January 2000) and was the featured performer at the B-boy Park annual event in Tokyo Japan (2001). C-Mack has toured throughout Scandinavia as the opening act for popular hip hop artist The Alkoholics (2002) along with many other artist that same year. C-Mack released his first album Beautiful People in 2004 (Unity Records) throughout Japan featuring Shine which was an instant success. He has previously released two singles in Japan one of which held the number #1 spot on Nihon TV Japan for two months. C-Mack released his first Club music album “Clubbin” (Avex Trax) 2006 and his first global release “Sakina” available exclusively on iTunes the same year. C-Mack  Re-released his first album Beautiful People (2007) globally on iTunes and released his third album under Unity Records The UMMAH (2009). C-Mack also premiered his first video” Black is Beautiful” the first single from the “UMMAH” album filmed in Petra Jordan by Laith Najali (Jan2010) Available on YouTube. C Mack released his forth album “NO Question” available exclusively at and second video premier of his single LA filmed by SELE (VEVO). C Mack released his first Islamic based single Jumah Friday (FEB 2014) under

his Islamic Label UMMAH Records  (available on ITunes, Spotify,) which includes a phenomenal video directed and filmed by Selevin Price SELE. C Mack as Karim Evans premiered a second single Thank You Lord (August 2014) which is available on VEVO and digital download available everywhere. C Mack as Karim Evans has released his third and forth Islamic singles Ramadan and DAWAH available on iTunes and Spotify includes a forth video filmed and directed by SELE ( C Macks first hip hop dance single SOUL (SEPT 2015) is available NOW on iTunes and Spotify Video available on VEVO (Directed by Sele). C Mack as aka Kraig E is set to release his next album SOUL BLACK due out July 2020. C Mack / Karim continues to give the world inspiration with his music and style that continues to evolve with time making him the most consistent entertainer and dancer of our generation.


  • Recorded 2 songs for Japanese House Music Label
  • “Masters of Funk IV” Compilation Album (Rap Undeniable and Love Come Down/ MK Productions)
  • “Rap Undeniable” 2 months No.1 charted on Countdown Groove/ Nihon TV


  • “MASTERS OF FUNK Just Funnin” Compilation Album (Livin on the Edge and They don’t know)
    released /Avex Trax
  • Recorded 2 songs for Konami Corp (Video Game division Tokyo Japan)
  • Beat Mania 11th Speed Rare Demo/ Tatusuya Simizu
  • “Beautiful People” Album released/ Unity Records (1st Album)


  • “Rainbow “Compilation Album/ Avex Trax
  • Single “Club Trax” released /Avex Trax
  • “Club Trax” September-5th-2005 Charted No.1 on Radio station Zip fm-77.8 (Nagoya Japan)


  • “Tokyo Auto Salon 2006 Presents EVOLUTION#2” Compilation Album (Club Trax)/ Avex Trax
  • “Clubbin” Album/Avex Trax released (Feb 2006)
  • “Ultra Zip Best” Compilation Album (Clubbin’)/Avex Trax
  • “Sakina” Album released/Unity Records (2nd Album)
  • ’SAKINA” Album released at iTunes
  • ”10th Anniversary of UNITY” Compilation Album (Sakina)/ Unity Records


“Beautiful People” Album rerelease on iTunes web store



  • ”No Question” Album released/Avatar on iTunes


”LA” video shoot


  • “Jumah Friday” Album released/Avatar on iTunes
  • “Jumah Friday” Video released on YouTube
  • “Thank You Lord” Video released on YouTube


  • Ramadan the third single from C Mack as Karim Evans available NOW ! exclusively on
  • SOUL the first HIP HOP single since LA 2012…..HE’s back showing and displaying the skills that has made him one of the greatest underground entertainers of his era. Check the Videos Ramadan and Soul on youtube / VEVO-MUZU SEPTEMBER 2015


  • New Single Dawah premiers March 2016 on all digital outlets ……
  • Dawah (which means to invite in Arabic) speaks on sharing knowledge of self and getting a better understanding of our true nature to spread love and kindness globally.


  • COLD BLACK new Album to be released JULY 2020