About Me

Karim “C Mack” Evans

Salam and Greetings!

Karim “C Mack” Evans, (member of the world renowned hip hop dance trio “The Soul Brothers”) is considered to be one of the pioneers of  West Coast Hip Hop Dance and Choreography.  C Mack has set a standard for hip hop, and street style fashion on a worldwide level since 1989.

He has influenced such groups as the Black Eyed Peas, BBD (just to name a few) and countless other dancers, singers, MC’s and DJ’s across the globe.

C Mack worked with the icon Michael Jackson on one of his most recognized videos “Remember the Time.”  He was also featured with Ice T, Tone Loc and Ice Cube for a special performance in celebration of the release of Nelson Mandela at the Los Angeles Coliseum (with over 200,000 in attendance). He was a warm-up dancer for “The Ricki Lake Show”,a choreographer for the NY Knickerbockers and a model for Richard Avedon (famed photographer for Calvin Klein).

C Mack has a talent of bringing the real rhythms out of any individual he has the pleasure of working with. His main interest is to bring the truth to the world about street dance and its contributions from the black community from which he was raised. He has taught workshops and master classes at some of the most famous institutions across the globe which includes the LuLa Washington Dance Academy (CA), Booker T Sparks Dance Academy (TX) and Exile Dance Studios (Japan).

C Mack aka Kraig E is an entertainer as well as an International Ambassador for the Movement of Street Dance and Hip Hop culture.

C Mack  has toured throughout Japan (primarily in Tokyo and Fukuoka) with legendary dancers Greg Campbellock Jr and Fred “ReRun” Berry from the renowned  LA dance group The Lockers.

C Mack has taught workshops and master hip hop classes in Japan, Hong Kong, Finland, Switzerland, Jordan, Lebanon, Malaysia, and Singapore.  He has touched many in the entertainment industry with his concept of Hip Hop and his legendary style called Soul Brother Boogie.

To C Mack The foundation is SOUL…..having been inspired by artist like James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye,  the Nickolaus Brothers, Gene Kelley and Fred Astaire. He continues to bring this inspiration to every country visits and  the people he encounters.